Vehya Is A Platform That

Unravels The Complexities Of
Getting Sustainability Products Installed And Serviced.

A sustainable future requires streamlining the process of electrification products such as EV chargers, battery storage, and solar panels. That is the purpose of Vehya and what we’re all about.

We Are Transparent

Vehya removes the mystery for customers in sourcing electrification products, finding qualified installers, service, and maintenance. We work with top brands of sustainability products. Train and verify electrical professionals, providing financing and service level agreements. Because at Vehya

it is important that we help as many as people as possible with their sustainability needs. This means we offer an all-in-one solution.

We Value Our Service Providers

Vehya treats electrical professionals as one of the most valuable resources for a sustainable future.

We know what it takes to get to a sustainable future and understand that the current model of project management will not work. Because of this we offer our electricians the tools and services they want in order to get jobs completed efficiently, on-time, and on budget. Electrical professionals are more than just contractors with Vehya, they are stakeholders on our platform, because without them, our sustainable future could come to a screeching halt.

We Provide Peace Of Mind

Vehya’s product partners are important to a sustainable future.

Our platform ensures that their products are delivered, installed and serviced by qualified, verified professionals. We do this through technology that reduces operation and maintenance response times, provides an easy-to-follow workflow, and gives peace of mind to customers that someone will be there to honor service level agreements.

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